Dance Styles


Learn ancient (Hula Kahiko), modern (Hula Auana) styles, and dancing with Hawaiian implements at Hula Halau O Leilanionapua. We offer hula lessons for students of any age, gender, and physical fitness level. Whether you are looking for a fun excercise class or want to work towards competing and embark on a life-long journey of becoming a hula dancer, these classes are a great choice!


Move your hips to the hypnotic island drums of Tahiti with lessons in Tahitian dance! We recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn to hear and appreciate the different drum beats and match them with their hips! This class offers a good cardio workout while building core and leg strength, and developing endurance and coordination!


The Maori poi is a ball at the end of a braided rope that ancient Maori warriors of New Zealand used to condition themselves for battle. We teach poi spinning and choreography along with a range of motions. This class is fun, challenging, and will help develop flexibility, strength, and coordination in arms, hands, and wrists.